Catch Me If You Can

Skills: Games

Catch Me If You Can is an electronic game designed and implemented by me in collaboration with two other students while I was studying as an exchange student in SUTD. In this project, we first designed and implemented a 8-bit ALU and then used it to build this children-oriented electronic game.


In the game, you attempt to “catch” moving LED lights by stop them aligning with the previous column lights and try your best to score a perfect record!

The game is intuitive, educative yet fun. Children can practice and enhance their response capacity while learning a basic knowledge of logic AND operation by playing this little simple game.We focus on details to make the game welcome to children. For example, the interface of installation is decorated with the cartoon character and we choose colorful LED to attract children’s attention. Three levels with different difficulties are made for this game to facilitate children’s will to self-challenge.

Video Demo:


Components of the game installation:


Function of each part:


Basic rules:


Features for children:


My Position:

Game Designer, Engineer, Artist and Fabrication Designer

– Participated the discussion and designed the game with group members.
– Took on about 1/3 ALU circuit implementation and about 2/3 game circuit implementation using NI Multisim.
– Helped with the make of the prototype like components connection.
– Design and painted the interface of installation.
– Wrote part of the final report.
– Produced this instruction document and the video.