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#GettyTraveler is an AR(augmented reality)/Mbile game created for Getty Game Jam 2016 by Atwood, Xiaoliang, Gabriela and me within two days.

The Challenge

The challenge we receive from museum is like this:

The typical museum visitor looks at a single work of art for less than 30 seconds. Utilizing a specific work of art on display at the Getty Center, create a playful experience that helps the player discover something interesting about the art that s/he might have missed in a 30-second look.

We only have 32 hours to finish our work, from teaming up to the final presentation.

Our Approach

After a deep tour of museum, we chose the collection decorative arts as our works of art to be focused, specifically the ones of French Neoclassical Era. The furniture in exhibition is exquisitely-designed, ingenious and very practical, however, their powerful functions are hidden under the surface and always ignored by visitors. The one we decided to use in our game, a secretaire, for example, is more likely to be recognized as a closet than a desk at the first glance. But if you unlock it, there are plenty of space inside, including a desk and many drawers!


We were attracted by this clever design, and thus we want to create an interactive experience where visitors can explore function of these pieces of furniture and gain more understanding about contexts in which they’re used. As this is a game for museum, we don’t want it to distract visitors too much when they are taking tours. So we come up with AR as a way to force visitors to interact with real objects instead of staring at phone screens only. Meanwhile with a digital play, visitors are allowed to see more details of art pieces and can easily get more information of them, such as their historical context, hidden symbolism, etc. We also think narrative is important (although it’s hard!) to engage visitors and also to make our game extendable to any new exhibition in the future.

Final Outcome

And here comes our final product! #GettyTravelers is a story-led interactive experience that encourages the combination of physical exploration in the museum space with an educational, social mobile game.

You are here to help Dareek, our main character, a not-so-successful time traveler to fulfil his missions by exploring The Getty’s Collections in a playful and interactive way.

Within limited time, we did our best but we can’t finish it perfectly. And there are things we want to improve in a next iteration.

– We would like to add a voice-over so that visitors don’t need to read all the dialogues; we know it’s text-heavy for now. By the way, we do have some sound effects in the game which is unfortunately not present in our gameplay video.

– We will try to include more interaction with real objects and more physical & digital intersections. The prototype only shows our direction and it is obviously not enough.


 screenshot3 screenshot4

screenshot1 screenshot2

My Position

Game Designer, Visual Artist

– I designed game with team members

– I was responsible for most of the visual arts.

Thank you my great teammates!