Grave Robbers

Skills: Games

Grave Robber is a variation of “Up the River” designed by Gabriela, Atwood and me for our Design for Interactivity course.

Up the River is a very simple racing game with an ever-changing board (made of shifting tiles) and a few extra twists introduced by the special dice. The first step we took is to set a new player experience goal. After analyzing the original game system, we set our experience goal as to create an unpredictable path where players can have fun of gambling dynamic and strategies.

To achieve this goal, we changed the game board and add some special cards for player to play to each other.  One core change is we create some special tiles on the board if player lands on it, he must take the card on this tile. We also define another theme for this game which suit better with our mechanics.

For more details, welcome to check our rules at HERE!

And here it is, our final product!


“Quickly take your grave robbers to the King’s Chamber before the quicksand swallows them all! It’s an unpredictable path ahead, so, be wise!”