I Am Here

Skills: Games

I Am Here is a 3D adventure game designed with the attempt to introduce campus life to freshmen. It has three interesting, vivid and challenging levels to help freshmen get to know about lives in Zhejiang University and quickly adjust to school life.

Final Outcome


We developed our first edition of the game which was then presented to the public on the Open Day of Digital Media Technology. Many people played with the game and gave us amounts of positive feedback. We are still working on it to make it a digital campus project where more levels will be added.

Download the game(MacOS version) at HERE

Video Demo:


Level Design


We designed various levels based on the typical and classic events of campus life. So far we have implemented three levels:
Level 1. School Song Learning
Find an answer board in the library and then fill in the blanks with lyrics of School Song.
Level 2. Radio Direction Finding
First listen to three audio signals and then search for the correct stations according to the audio signals.
Level 3. Crazy Express
Follow the prompts to pick up your express package in time.

In each levels, players try to complete missions in the given time and earn certain rewards. They can also collect props that facilitate their completion and have to avoid different kinds of obstacles.

Environment Design


The game scene is set up in the Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University, the campus which freshmen study and live in after entering ZJU. I created and organized a virtual campus in the Unity3D. We decided to present it in a cartoonish style, thus a perfect similarity is not necessary. However, we managed to provide a vivid and immersive experience for players by emphasizing on certain features of our campus, such as the location and shape of The School Library, Moon Shape Building and The Theater.
*Some free/authorized resource from network are used in modeling the game scene.

My Position

Game Designer, Lead Artist, Programmer

– Constructed and organized 3D virtual environment with a distinctive artist style using Maya and Unity3D.
– Designed user interface and provided game assets for development.
– Participated in the implementation of complicated levels using C# based on Unity3D.
– Test and logged the bugs.