The Last

Skills: Games, Modelling & Animation

The Last is a 3D virtual spatial experience where players explore in a desolate cemetery and interact with tombstones and objects in a limited time no longer than 3 minutes.

This project is my first try to experiment with world building and environmental storytelling. Players play with a first-person view in the game. They can walk in the cemetery and look around. There is a three-minutes time limit and as time passes, players’ walking speed and visible scope decrease. Click on the glowing tombstones or objects, player can see some quotes. The message I want to convey is a thought of the last few minutes of lives. The life of human being and the life of the earth.

The project is developed in Unity 3D. The game scene is modeled and textured in Cinema4D. This is my personal project.

Now you can play it on Unity Web Player at HERE