Skills: Games

Official Website: http://tilerteller.com/

Tiler Teller is an educational interactive toy that comes with digital books on tablets for kids to play with their parents.

It adds diverse ways of interaction to existing digital story books and gives traditional educational toys vivid images that attract kids’ attention.

While reading our cute stories for children, parents are also helping them solve puzzles, learn numbers and practice color recognition abilities. With TillerTeller, we make story time a pleasure experience for both parents and children!

Gameplay Video:

This is a class project for Richard Lemarchand’s game production class, where we worked in a small team of two, learning how to efficiently produce a well-completed game in a short time period with limited resources from zero. We went through the ideation, pre-production, full production and post-production phases step by step. We also conducted several usability tests and analyzed the results to iterate our gameplay. Participants of test include industrial and non-industrial players and also our target audience, kids under 10 years old. In winter 2016, TilerTeller was selected as 1 of 20 games to be presented on USC Winteractive and more people got to play the game! We were happy to see they enjoyed great time with TilerTeller.


My Position:

Co-lead Designer, Lead Programmer, 2D Artist

– Designed and implemented the game in the team of two.
– Programmed core gameplay mechanics including an IOS game and a tangible controller using tech components of Arduino, sensors and Bluetooth.
– Oversaw the general art style of the game and was responsible for 2D art assets and UI design.
– Ran several usability testings to iteratively improve the gameplay.
– Filmed and produced videos.