About The Distance

The Distance is a 2-player cooperative puzzle-platformer adventure game. Players take the role of a former couple are invited into a dreamlike and mysterious atmosphere where they see different parts of the world and have to progress together with mutual understand and support. As they navigate this unique environment, they reveal each other’s secrets and the story of their past has been unfolded...

- Online co-op game that can be played with your friends no matter where they are
- 4 chapters, 3 different worlds, 30 minutes gameplay
- Unique mechanics that requires close collaboration
- Dual-perspective narrative of a thought-provoking story about the relationship

Early Prototypes

Players are able to play the game remotely.
In the game, they see different parts of the world.

Players can share objects in their world to each other and by doing so, they solve puzzles and progress together.


Currently Looking For:

  • - Level Designer
  • - 2D Artist
  • - Gameplay Engineer
  • - Writer
  • - Anyone Interested

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  • Contact us at xianlu@usc.edu